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John Holby

Chief Execution Officer

After 11 years at CDW, John set out to become a leading online distributor of CPG goods. Often faced with adversity and difficult challenges, his eagerness to listen and willingness to strategize with CPG.IO customers, keeps he and others aligned with corporate and staff at all times. John’s adversity to the difficult challenges of the CPG industry has helped the business roll out critical eCommerce capabilities to more than 100 clients.
 John graduated from Carthage University with a BA in MIS.

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Brad Wasz

Founder and COO

Brad has an extensive background in eCommerce and building technology platforms. Here at CPG.IO Brad focuses on partnership optimization, and growing our footprint in the CPG industry. Prior to CPG.IO Brad founded several eCommerce companies including Raise.com which has been one of the fastest growing tech companies in the country valued at over a billion dollars. The only thing Brad loves more than partnership and eCommerce, is his beautiful wife and 2 sons.

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Steve Higgenbotham

EVP/General Manager

Steve ensures all company operations, both warehouse facilities, supply chain and support areas within the company meet every aspect of the business. He is the “go-to” person for all facets of operations at CPG.IO. Before CPG.IO, Steve worked for 15 years at Kehe Foods, another 15 years in corporate retail and several years as a food broker. While at Kehe, he managed and partnered with over 1,000 vendors connecting with 4 distribution facilities. His passion for the CPG business is contagious. From Brick and mortar support, to eCommerce. He connects all the lines.

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Sharon Leckron

Vice President of Business Operations

Sharons from New Jersey and if Excel could support it, she could probably use it to organize the human GNOME. With a BA from Taylor University, she learned how to be good at her job by being passionate about using technology to innovate and streamline her job, and our operations. She's gone from basic formulas, pivot tables and v-lookups to a homegrown process for managing all your SKU data across all channels and that's beautiful, and for this we all should thank her.

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Steve Higgenbotham Jr.

Senior eCommerce Account Manager

Junior will literally punch you in the face. Just kidding. Truth be told, he's come a long way from running an old eBay Seller account he started in 1997. Like clockwork, the kid just executes. Using his BA degree from DePaul, he uses business acumen to manage CPG.IO's global FBA and Vendor Central accounts, and his wherewithal to make sure things are moving. Wanna transfer your Prime business to us, he's a person you could talk to. And learn from.

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Tom Lourmas

Director of Marketing and Account Management

Tom is a Sales Optimization Specialist and Marketing God. Strictly business, Tom makes sure your brand is represented correctly on all the different marketplaces . He manages and directs all projects with the help of his team who were trained by Tom himself. Tom’s 10+year background in ecommerce is wide ranging including: distribution, sales, brand management, affiliate marketing, product sourcing, pricing, marketing and optimization. Tom is also a single digit handicap golfer so anytime you want play and discuss business, contact him directly.

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Drew Mueller

Account Manager and Optimization

In the short time Drew has been working at CPG.IO, he has been absorbing and retaining everything CPG and eCommerce. He finds being able to work with so many different brands and help these brands grow and develop very very interesting. Paying attention to all the details that are involved in marketing aspects. Being able to act with my coworkers and being a team player. Goal is to make our storefront in the top 100 storefronts on Amazon.

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David Griffith

Sales Director

Dave is our Sales Director. His sales experience ranges over a span of 30 years in technology, software, fulfilling, services and retail. Dave is most passionate about bringing DTC - Direct to Consumer, and is eager to make it happen here at CPG.IO. With a BA in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, Dave is at his best when he is “solutions focused.” That said, his goals are to shake up the CPG industry to making eCommerce as their prime distribution channel. Dave’s favorite quote is “To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end in life.”

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Mike Patterman

Director of Supply Chain

Our newest addition to the team but certainly no stranger to this business is Mike Pattermann, Director of Supply Chain. Mike has worked in management of retail stores, as a sales account manager in retail and in supply chain. Mike is responsible for collaborating with our suppliers to ensure the highest fill rate possible for our customers. Mike loves people and his ability to work with all levels of people and attention to detail is what helps him succeed in his position. Outside of work Mike enjoys his family life, hiking and volunteering in his community. His personal heroine is Mother Teresa, to which he is very impressed with her profound life of love.

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Kathy Razzi

Graphics & Support

Need a graphic tweaked, background cut-out, image ready for Amazon? Kathy is our resident go-to graphics person, but you can also find her tracking down someones missing 3-pack of Sriracha from Target. Yes, that's a funny combo but she's studied many of the products information and photos we store in our distribution centers. With a B.A. in Applied Behavioral Science from National-Louis University, her role as an graphic designer and support specialist is uniquely hybrid. Katherine's favorite quote is, “If you think nobody will miss you when you’re gone, try missing a car payment.”

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Debra Jaros

Manager of Operations/Customer Service

Debra’s chief role is to oversee notable accounts such as WalMart, Kmart, Sears, Amazon and others. Debra’s mission (and she chose to accept it) is the be a “Lean, Mean eComm Machine.” This is not to wonder since her since her favorite quote is “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Will Rogers

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