Kitting and Copacking can help 3-5x your UPC footprint.

Breaking cases and high-touch handling is our specialty. We see this as part of cracking-the-code of online CPG. Variety, value and smart shopping is of critical importance to online shoppers, so let's quickly find your value curve.

When a unique ASIN is created, it might be time to consider an internet exclusive club pack. As a copacker, CPG.IO can help you with the entire manufacturing process of delivering such wonderful value to your customers.

Adding SKUs to say, Amazon or Walmart, is often a huge part of our brand's strategies. Unfortunately, the palettes that arrive at are doorstep aren’t always ready to ship as kits. It may involve us unpacking and repacking, or adding a new type of packaging, or even recycling portions of your current packs.

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Amazon Optimization Services

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